Friendliness and cleanliness have always been our business card at the Hotel Escorial. Your safety is the thing that is most important to us, and we will protect it by taking care of the service even more.

Here are our guidelines, information and actions to make you feel safe.

Reservations and deposits
For all bookings for summer 2020:

    you can cancel your reservation up to 7 days before the arrival date (excluding the two middle weeks of August)
    fast check-in service in order to reduce waiting times in the hall, you can send us all the data necessary for registration (identity document) from home, just a photo sent via Whatsapp: 3452195180

Cleaning and sanitizing of the structure

    As usual, the cleaning of the common areas will be carried out several times a day with specific products.
    The common areas will be frequently sanitized, such as elevator handles and push-button.
    In the structure there will be dispensers with a hydroalcoholic solution for your hand hygiene.
    We use specific products for medical and surgical supervision based on sodium hypochlorite for all surfaces.
    The sanitation of air conditioning systems is performed weekly.
    Each common environment is cleaned and sanitized with specific protocols in more depth.
    The lift is sanitized several times a day.

Cleaning and sanitizing of the rooms

    Upon your arrival the room will be sanitized according to the protocols imposed by law.
    During your stay, as usual, your room will be tidied up and sanitized with the necessary safety devices using specific professional detergents with medical-surgical supervision and based on sodium hippochlorite supplied by certified companies.


    During meals, the safety distance between the tables will be guaranteed.
    The choice at the buffet will remain unchanged, it will only be protected by a Plexiglas panel and you will only have to indicate your preferences, we will serve you whenever you want.

Reception and Staff

    Our staff will be equipped with safety devices as required. The smile will also be under the mask.
    All staff have been trained on hygiene rules and protocols to follow so that they can work safely for themselves and for others.
    You can contact us for doubts, requests and to report any symptoms to take all necessary precautions.


    The use of the mask inside closed environments is mandatory, we will all use it to guarantee both yours and our safety.
    Keep at least 1 meter distance from other guests and staff members.
    Do not leave personal effects or luggage in the common areas.
    Elevator access is allowed between people occupying the same room.

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